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Vivian Galvin



Bio Blurb

Vivian Rosalee is an artist based in Lowell, MA. She has graduated with a degree in Illustration from Lesley University. She is continuously exploring many art mediums, including acrylic, gouache, ink, and ceramics. She travels to a variety of art markets to sell her art, occasionally traveling out of state. She has a studio where she displays and sells her work at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, MA. There, she often works on collaborative pieces with her mother- Carolyn Lee. Her favorite subject to include in her artwork is animals of all kinds, especially birds. She’s always been an animal lover, but her fondness for birds started when her family found (and later adopted) a lost cockatiel. She also enjoys painting landscapes, plants, and fantasy creatures like dragons and mermaids, but always returns to birds. When she isn’t doing art, she is talking to her pet budgies, or birdwatching on a local trail. Vivian donates 10% of her profits to the Central Food Ministry in Lowell, MA, as well as to Happy Wings Sanctuary in Orange, VA.