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Laura Chassaigne



Bio Blurb

Laura's artwork aims to translate a sense of place, specificity in time of day, a mood, and a subjective emotional and sensory experience or memory of the landscape. She is especially intrigued by the space between abstraction and representation: images of the real world that are colored and shifted to illustrate a mood, or abstract shapes inspired by her own interactions with the landscape, an emotion, or a memory. Laura is passionate about art as a means of communication and as a connection between people. She spent many years studying and working abroad in archaeology and art history, researching the very beginnings of symbolic thought and symbolic material. This ability of art to speak across the boundaries of time, reaching back into a past before history and before the written word, deeply resonates with her. Alongside her art practice, Laura is co-owner of The Boston Day Book, a local lifestyle blog focused on art, culture, travel, and city life. In this role, she relishes the ability to share all the cultural happenings around the city with her readers, and often writes about new exhibitions and local artists.