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Cid Nerenberg



Bio Blurb

I immigrated to the USA from Sao Miguel, Azores when I was five years old. I’m one of five children raised in a three generation household. From a young age, I enjoyed drawing everything around me. As I grew older, I developed a love for oil painting. Though I pursued a Business/Finance degree from Boston University, I never gave-up the dream of becoming an artist. Although primarily self-taught, I have been fortunate to take numerous plein air and studio lessons through various art associations. My methods are traditional and mostly realistic, paying close attention to values and perspective. All my paintings are done on either linen or cotton duck stretched canvases. My approach utilizes multiple layers, working from lean to fat. Prior to painting, I work on small scale studies using colored pencils or pastels, until I’m pleased with the composition. My plein air pieces are done mostly on location, but finished in my studio using photographs taken at the site for reference. My inspiration comes from just about anything: looking-up and seeing how light filters down through the million leaves of a maple tree. Or perhaps, it’s a bowl of spicy peppers, each unique, and yet together an arrangement of colors that evoke a festive time. In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It forced me to evaluate my life and decide what was important. I’m blessed to be healthy today, and thankful for the love and support I received along my journey. Painting gave me something no medicine could. It was my escape. It kept my mind from venturing into dark places, and feeling sorry for myself. I’m forever grateful to my husband for the love, support, and encouragement he gives me every day. As an artist, you never stop learning, growing, and trying new things. I continue to study, practice painting and take classes whenever possible. I currently live in Milton, MA with my husband and daughter.